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The ABCAR range of trailers are designed to be as tough and long lasting as possible while keeping the cost as low as possible. To keep the ABCAR trailers is good condition and maximise their working life there are a few simple things you can do.

CARE for your ABCAR Trailer

The body and frame of your ABCAR Trailer is HOT DIPPED GALVANISED. That is a process where after the welding is completed the whole body and frame of the trailer is dipped in hot zinc to give a thick protective coating of zinc over the outside and inside of all sheeting, pipe and box sections of the trailer. This process gives much better protection than building a trailer from galvanised or zinc materials.

If a painted trailer receives a chip or scratch rust will start and the rust will spread under the paint. If a HOT DIPPED GALVANISED trailer is scratched or chipped the surrounding zinc will migrate by galvanic action to protect the area where the steel is exposed. This prevents rust starting and spreading. The thicker the zinc the better the protection. If the zinc is lost then rust can start.

To extend the life of your trailer do not leave bare steel (for example black steel washers or chain) or other metal in your trailer for long periods particularly in damp weather as the zinc will try, by galvanic action, to protect the black steel and leave the trailer short of zinc. If you notice zinc missing from an area on your trailer from any cause, spray the area with a cold gal paint to replace the zinc.

Wash your boat trailer or box trailer with fresh water after it has been in sea water. Boat builders have not yet found a material that will last forever in sea water so be kind to your trailer wash off the sea water and it will last longer.

Some components on your trailer are more suseptable to corrosion due to wear or may not be galvanised such as winch gears, brake components, axle, bolts, hubs, tailgate latches. These can be protected with products such as inox, lanoline ( various viscosities available), tectyl, fisholene.


Maintenance of your ABCAR Trailer

Although the bearings on some trailers may not get checked in the life of the trailers , it is wise to check them after the first 50km and then about every 6 months. A simple check is to check for sideways movement of the wheel when off the ground. If excessive movement the castle nut may need tightening. If the bearings get hot when travelling the nut is too tight.

A more thorough check, particularly important if a boat trailer has had the axle immersed in sea water, is to remove the dust cap and check the grease around the bearings for any sign of dirt or water.

Check the suspension. Loose U bolts or pot holes can cause broken leaves in the springs. The amount of use the trailer receives will affect the wear on the shackle pins and nylon bushes.

Check the tyres for wear and condition. Most trailers never wear out the tyres and some manufacturers therefore use second hand tyres but tyres perish. Any sign of cracking from perishing and the tyres should be replaced to avoid blowouts.






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